There is little value in (a person's) knowledge when it is limited to the tongue (to words).

The most valuable knowledge is that which manifestes itself in the limbs and parts of the body (in actions).

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World Food Day 2019

Box Cricket Tournament 2019

Handwriting Competition 2019

Buzurg Mumineen Programme 2019

Origami - Paper Art 2019

Kalabhavan Chitrahar Contest 2019


"The finest amongst you is he who learns and teaches al-Quran al-Majeed."

The Quran room of AMSB Kuwait is built to facilitate the memorization of Holy Quran. The incredible ambience and peaceful atmosphere attracts students to do Hifz ul Quran.

AMSB Sports


Sports and exercise has a special place in AMSB Kuwait, which encourages healthy competition among the students and builds life-skills that shape the personality of each and every “Educated Mumin” that the students grow up to become.


Home Science

Home-Science is a major tool for developing a self-sustaining independent human being in the modern age. AMSB Kuwait introduced this as a subject, training its students in activities ranging from cooking and sewing to maintaining the house and preparing for events.



Art is the expression of the soul, and when innocent souls of small young tots decide to express their opinions about changing the world, AMSB Kuwait provides the perfect platform. Students engage in artistic activities while learning basic concepts to advanced techniques.